Send us your documents online
When can I use this service?

You can use this service to send us documents in any case that has already been lodged with the AAT. If you want to apply for a review, you can do that online.

How many documents can I send?

There is no limit on the number of documents you can send us. However, the maximum size for any single document is:

Document type File size
Section 37 documents (T-documents) lodged by the agency, organisation or person who made the decision we are reviewing.
Please refer to the AAT Specification for Digital Section 37 Documents for more information.
Documents lodged in response to a summons to produce documents 100MB
Documents lodged for cases in the Migration & Refugee Division or Social Services & Child Support Division 100MB
All other documents 15MB

The maximum combined limit for all documents is 100MB.

Where can I get more information about the service?

For more information about using this service, please look at our user guide. This includes information about the types of files you can upload and a video showing you how to use the service.

Privacy Notice

We collect personal information from you to:

  • identify the AAT case to which the documents relate,
  • send you a secure code to complete an authentication process,
  • send you a confirmation email that we have received the documents, and
  • be able to contact you about the documents if we need to.

We may use the information to analyse and improve how our online services are used. We also record your IP address for the purpose of logging and monitoring, and may analyse that data to improve our services.

For more information about what we do with information given to us, see our Privacy Policy.

Complete the details below to upload documents to an existing application for review.

Please note: We need you to enter the name of the person who applied for the review, even if you are not the applicant, so we can make sure we identify the right case.

To upload documents, you will need to complete an authentication process. We will send a secure code to this email address which you must enter on the next screen. We will also send a confirmation email to this email address after we have received the documents.

If you would prefer us to send the secure code to your mobile phone, please enter the number below.

Please note that the mobile number must be an Australian number. We cannot send the secure code to international numbers.

If you cannot or do not want to complete the authentication process, you will need to send us the documents in a different way. Please see our website for more information.