Apply Online
You will require the following to complete an application for review online:
  • The notification of a decision by the department.
  • A Visa or MasterCard if you need to pay an application fee.
  • A valid email address.
When completing an application:
  • You must complete the form in English.
  • You are encouraged to complete the application with as much information as possible. Applications with missing information may take longer to process.
Current processing times

Please be aware that due to an increase in workload, and the resources available to us, application processing times have increased significantly in the Migration and Refugee Division.

Please check the following links for a current estimate of:

Migration & Refugee Division

What applications can be lodged using this form?

You can use this online form to apply for a review of a decision in the AAT’s Migration & Refugee Division.

If you have a notification from the Department of Home Affairs that a decision has been made which can be reviewed by the Migration & Refugee Division, that notificaiton will set out review rights including who can apply for review and the time limit which applies.

Completing an application online

By lodging an application for review online you agree that the AAT may communicate with you by email. If you do not wish the AAT to communicate with you by email or if you do not wish to or are unable to lodge an application online, you can lodge an application in person, by post or by fax. Application forms are available here.


When lodging an application online, if an application fee is payable, the full fee must be paid as an online payment. The fee can be paid using Visa or MasterCard only. No fee is payable at lodgement for a review of a protection visa decision, or for a review of a bridging visa decision which resulted in a person being in immigration detention. A fee is payable in all other cases. More information on fees is available here.

Time Limits

Please be aware that if lodging on the last day of a time limit, the application must be received by the AAT no later than midnight local time, if you are lodging from a location within Australia, or midnight Australian Capital Territory local time, if lodging from outside Australia. You may wish to consider whether the application will be lodged within time and plan accordingly. More information is available here. Please note, in particular, that the first day of the time limit for lodging an application for review of a protection (refugee) visa decision is generally the day you were notified of the decision.